Major Championship

Bayonet / Blackhorse




Please review this entire email carefully as it contains important Player Information.   


Round 1 starting times have been emailed to each Player and posted online at

It is the responsibility of the Player to be at their assigned starting hole 10 minutes in advance of the starting time.  The starters will have information to discuss and distribute to each Player in the group.    Players/groups will not be paged or called to the tee.   Players arriving to the tee at their starting time will be deemed to be late to the tee. 


Please note that any player starting on Blackhorse #10 Tee will be required to be ready to go in the player cart in the staging area a minimum of fifteen (15) minutes prior to your scheduled starting time.  Blackhorse #10 Tee is located out on the golf course.  A Tour Official will escort your group out to Blackhorse #10 fifteen (15) minutes prior to your starting time. 

All tournament rounds on Saturday and Sunday are scheduled to be between 7:30AM and 9:30AM.  

Please note that players will be re-paired according to 1st round score on Sunday.  Leaders in each flight will tee off at the end of each respective wave.



All contestants are required to check-in with the tournament committee upon arrival to the course either on Friday or Saturday.  All Tour Players are requested and strongly encouraged to check-in on Friday

Friday from 3PM - 5PM

Saturday from 6:30AM - 9AM


Tour Players will receive their tee prize upon checking in as well as be provided an opportunity to enter the optional Skins Game and “Troops First Foundation” 50/50 raffle. 


As noted above, entry into the Skins Game is optional and will be handled only at check-in.  The following Skins Game will be available:

$60 total buy-in which is broken down as follows

            $20 Giant Skins Game ($10 each day)

            $40 Flight Skins Game ($20 each day)

Total buy-in for Skins is $60 and must be paid in cash.  No partial entries will be allowed. 


The Monterey Amateur is excited to offer the “Troops First Foundation” 50/50 raffle.  The benefitting charity is a non-profit organization whose benevolent mission is to develop, operate, and support s synergistic group of wellness, quality of life and sports-based initiatives in support of today’s military personnel. 

The entry for the 50/50 raffle is $20 and there is no limit to the number of entries.  On Sunday morning one lucky winner will be drawn and half the pot will go entirely and exclusively to the Troops First Foundation, with the other going to the lucky winner.   The winner need not be present.  


Our goal is to raise $1,800 to one lucky winner and $1,800 to the charity!


Bayonet and Blackhorse have one clubhouse that will be the site of check-in, scoring, and is the home clubhouse to both courses:

Bayonet/Blackhorse Golf Club

1 McClure Way
Seaside, CA 93955


The practice facility will open at 6:30AM on Saturday and Sunday.  Range balls are included and are available prior to play courtesy of Bayonet/Blackhorse and Golf Channel Amateur Tour.  Those wishing to practice post-round may do so at a fee of $5 for a small bag, $10 for a large bag. 


Spectators are welcome at all Major Championships provided the course allows spectators to walk the course and the spectators do not interfere with pace of play.  Spectators are the responsibility of the player they are watching and must remain out of play and practice proper golf etiquette at all times. 

Caddies are the responsibility of the associated player and are requested to practice proper golf etiquette.  If there is an issue with the behavior of a spectator(s), or caddie(s), the individual(s) will be asked to leave the premises.  Per Rule 6.1, the player incurs the applicable penalty for any breach of a rule by his/her caddie, including unsportsmanlike conduct. 

Spectators and/or caddies are not permitted in a player golf cart at anytime during the stipulated round.  Golf carts are for the sole use of the players, and there may only be two carts per group.  Any spectator or caddy found riding in a player golf cart may result in the immediate disqualification of the player(s) who are associated with the violating spectator(s) and/or caddie(s).   Please note that spectators/caddies may sit in a cart when it is parked at a tee or the green and ride on a space available basis from the green to the next tee. 


An on-course playoff will determine the Monterey Amateur Champion in each flight if there is a tie for 1st Place, weather and time permitting. 

The Monterey Amateur will reward (approximately) the top 25% of each flight with gift certificates.   All Tour Players who are in the top third of their flight on Sunday are requested to stay in the scoring area.  Prize fund distributions and an awards ceremony will take place for each flight as soon as the last scorecard is recorded for that particular flight. 


Distance measuring devices are permitted so long as the device has no feature on it such as slope/grade/wind.   



Please familiarize yourself with the Pace of Play policy below as it will be strictly enforced. 


The Am Tour policy leaves the responsibility for maintaining the pace of play where it belongs, with the player.  Efficient pace of play is a huge factor of a successful and positive Am Tour experience for all participants in accordance with Rule 6-7 of the USGA® Rules of Golf.  

Lead Group(s):
The first group(s) must finish their first nine holes within the maximum allotted time established by the committee (typically, this time will be 2 hours 10 minutes).  If the lead group finishes over the maximum allotted time after nine holes, each player in the group will be assessed a 2-stroke penalty on their 9thhole. 

The first group(s) off each tee must also finish 18 holes within the maximum allotted time established by the committee (typically, this time will be 4 hours 30 minutes).  Failure to finish under this maximum allotted time for 18-holes will result in a 2-stroke penalty, which will be assessed to the score on the final hole of play. 

If the lead group(s) are held up by public play that was sent out before them or that began on the opposite tee, they will be exempt from the pace of play penalty(s) if they finish over their maximum time but within 14 minutes of the group ahead of them

Following Groups:
A 2-stroke penalty will be assessed to any group failing to complete their 9th hole within 14 minutes of the group in front of them AND over their maximum allotted time

A 2-stroke penalty will be assessed to any group failing to complete their 18th hole within 14 minutes of the group in front of them AND over their maximum allotted time

Players are advised of the following:

  • Rules officials are not required to notify a player and/or group that they are behind.  This is the responsibility of the group and each individual player in that group
  • Each group is responsible for monitoring its own pace.  Being in position means to be immediately behind the group in front of you.
  • As a courtesy to each player, the pace of play policy will be reiterated on the starting hole
  • As a courtesy to each player, the maximum allotted time will be on your official scorecard
  • If a player is penalized three (3) times during the season that player will be suspended from tournament play for a minimum of six (6) months


A player concerned about slow player(s) in a group should first remind that player of the pace of play policy and encourage them to play more efficiently. The concerned player may, before or after penalties are assessed, request an Official to monitor the group. If a player is identified as holding up the pace of the group, penalties may be applied to that player and rescinded from the others.  Appeals for exceptional situations will be considered only in the scoring area after the completion of the round and prior to the return of a player’s scorecard.


Play is governed by the USGA Rules of Golf.  Local rules in effect will be found on the tournament page (Golf Channel Amateur Tour Hard Card) and the Notice to Contestants sheet distributed to players at the starting hole. 



 By submitting an entry for any Golf Channel Amateur Tour event, the contestant understands that his/her participation is at the sole discretion of the Golf Channel Amateur Tour.  A contestant may be removed from any competition at the discretion of the GCAT staff or committee at any time before or during the competition.  Incidents of unbecoming conduct or actions deemed to be detrimental to the image of the Golf Channel Amateur Tour or the “spirit of the game” are grounds for such removal and suspension/expulsion from the Tour.  These include, but are not limited to:

1.        Willful damage of the golf course or golf course property

2.       Club throwing or unnecessary club tossing

3.       Offensive or unbecoming language

4.       Public criticism of golf course or verbal abuse of GCAT staff, officials, host club staff, or other contestants

5.       Potential endangerment of others.

6.       Conduct deemed unbecoming




All Tour Players and caddies/spectators are expected to abide by the Tour dress code (collared shirt or similar golf shirt tucked in) with hats being worn with the bill being in the front.  No denim or athletic, gym, cycling, tennis, or running shorts are allowed. 



The following are the approximate yardages for each flight.   Approximate hole-by-hole yardages for practice purposes will be posted on the tournament information page by Thursday morning. 


Bayonet / Blackhorse Golf Club

Black Tees (approximately 6550 yards)


Championship Flight
Palmer Flight


Blue Tees (approximately 6350 yards)

Senior Palmer
Senior Hogan
Hogan Flight
Sarazen Flight

White Tees (approximately 5850 yards)


Jones Flight
Snead Flight
Senior Sarazen Flight
Ladies in Palmer, Hogan, Sarazen

Red Tees (approx 5500 yards)
Ladies in Senior Sarazen/Jones/Snead


Round 1 (Sat) - Bayonet / Round 2 (Sun) - Blackhorse

Hogan Flight
Senior Hogan Flight
Senior Sarazen Flight

Round 1 (Sat) - Blackhorse / Round 2 (Sun) - Bayonet

Palmer Flight

Sarazen Flight
Jones Flight
Snead Flight
Senior Palmer Flight


Joe Wagner
Regional Director
Golf Channel Amateur Tour