Golf carts will NOT be available for spectators and caddies at the 2019 National Championships


Any spectator who wishes to walk the course and follow a player is more than welcome to do so.  Spectators are the responsibility of the player they are watching and must remain out of play and practice proper golf etiquette at all times. 


Personal caddies are allowed at the 2019 National Championships, but are the responsibility of the associated player and are requested to practice proper golf etiquette.  If there is an issue with the behavior of a spectator(s), or caddie(s), the individual(s) will be asked to leave the premises.  Per Rule 6.1, the player incurs the applicable penalty for any breach of a rule by his/her caddie, including unsportsmanlike conduct. 


PGA National DOES NOT allow push/pull carts and players may not carry their own bag.  


PGA National Caddies are all sold out.  Players are allowed to bring their own caddie.



Spectators and caddies are NOT permitted in a player golf cart during the actual playing of a hole.  Breach of this rule may result in the associated player’s Disqualification.


  • However, spectators and caddies may ride in a players cart between holes (green to tee) if there’s a long distance between holes and the turn.