Flight Placement


Assuming a full field (432 golfers), the tournament committee will determine the final amount of flights for the event, determined by team handicaps. Each team will have a combined team handicap which will be used to determine the final flight breakdowns.


Any player can be paired with and compete with any other player. The only stipulation is that, for purposes of flighting, the total team handicap cannot be more than 10 points greater than the lower of the two’s handicap.


In other words, a 2 handicap can pair up and compete with a 20 handicap, but their total team handicap will be 14. Working off of the lower handicap, the maximum allowable is 10 points higher than the 2 handicap, so the 20 would be adjusted down to a 12 and their total would be 2 + 12, or 14, NOT 22.